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Creator: Sibelius and His Masonic Music : Sounds in 'Silence' (Studies in the History and Interpretation of Music, Vol 59) by Hermine Weigel Williams See More Details Hardcover (May 1998) Edwin Mellen Press; ISBN: 0773483764 Table of Contents ; Illustrations ; Preface ; Acknowledgements PART I Prologue Chapter One "Musique religieuse" Chapter Two The Beginnings of Freemasonry in England, Austria, Finland and America Chapter Three The First (1936) Edition of Masonic Ritual Music Chapter Four Onward, Ye Peoples! The Influence of Downes and Sjoblom Chapter Five The "Finlandia Hymn" Chapter Six The Second (1950) Edition of Masonic Ritual Music Chapter Seven The Years 1950 -- 1970 PART II Chapter Eight The Poetic Sources for Opus 113 Chapter Nine Masonic Ritual Music Chapter Ten Leo Funtek's Orchestration of Opus Epilogue Appendix I Appendix II Discography Abbreviations Bibliography Index
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